Data Doctor PAD XML Extractor

Data Doctor PAD XML Extractor 2.0

Extracts and archives all the information of online PAD XML URLs list

Data Doctor PAD XML extractor software is read only and non destructive powerful software. Extractor software helps webmaster to record PAD XML website information. PAD XML extractor tool extracts data from online Xml websites and saves in .CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format. This powerful software utility saves all the extracted record easily and quickly.

PAD XML Extractor was created just for PAD enabled web sitesfor the webmasters. Software has a friendly but powerful interface that is comfortable both for beginners and experienced users.

XML PAD extractor utility helps user to extract Company First name, Company Last name, Company Website URL, Creator First Name, Creator Last Name, Creator Email, Contact First name, Contact last name, OCsContactOCO OCsSalesOCO OCsSupportOCO OCsGeneralOCO Email Program Name, Program Version, Download URL, , Application XML File URL, Application Screenshot URL, Application Icon URL and Application Info URL from PAD enabled websites

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